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“I think Good Food Talks is absolutely brilliant – it’s not every day you see something like this. We know lots of guests struggle to read restaurant menus and we’ve often wondered what to do about it. Apart from the value Good Food Talks brings to our business, what makes signing up an absolute no brainer is the fact that they do all of the work for us. All we do is email them a copy of our menus and they take care of the rest, including updates. We are delighted to be a founder member of Good Food Talks.”
– Simon Kossoff (CEO, Carluccio’s)

Ever wondered how visually impaired people read a menu?


The truth is, it’s a huge problem!
There are more than two million people with a visual impairment in the UK. Their conditions range from those who are totally blind through to people whose vision can’t be corrected by even the strongest of glasses.
As a business how do you accommodate what equates to one in every 30 people? To their credit, some restaurants offer Braille and special large print versions of their menus but did you know that fewer than 1% of people with visual impairment can read Braille?
And what happens if you change the menu more than a couple of times a year?


So how do most visually impaired people find out what’s on the menu when they go out to eat?
  • 87% rely on a dining companion or waiter to read them the menu.
  • 91% told up that being able to read the menu themselves makes the dining experience more inclusive and enjoyable.

Visually impaired people are sociable creatures. They love food, wine and beer, and above all else, they value their independence. Basically, they just want to be treated like anybody else.

The Solution?

Good Food Talks is a platform (and soon to be iPhone app) that empowers people with visual impairments to access and browse
restaurant menus on their smartphones,tablets and computers in the way that most suits them and their vision, whether out and about or at home.
Customers can:

  • Listen to the menu
  • View it in a large text format
  • View it with inverted colours
  • View it using the Open Dyslexic font

Good Food Talks is and always will be free to access for all users.

“I love the GFT app! A lot of my time in restaurants with blind and visually impaired people is spent reading menus out loud. This is often awkward and annoying for all concerned, and people end up making a very early choice, so as not to be a burden or draw attention to themselves – unsatisfying to say the least. Good Food Talks solves this problem on every level and puts menus right where they should be: in everybody’s hands! A real game-changer both for restaurants and for visually impaired diners alike.”
Lesley-Anne Alexander, RNIB CEO

How do you get your restaurant on Good Food Talks?

Quite simply – All you need to do is send your menu through to us and we’ll enter it into our bespoke platform, giving you a fully accessible menu without a hastle. Furthermore, our team will make sure that your menu is kept up-to-date on the GFT system.

Prices start at £199 a year for a single restaurant. Discounts available for chains.

What do you need to do to get started?

You can:
  • Call us: 020 7205 4481
  • Email us at:  email address
  • Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to find the best solution for you.
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