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GoodFoodTalks makes it easy for visually impaired diners to eat out at thousands of UK restaurants by providing accessible menus right here on our website and on our iPhone app.
Clicking the "near me" button uses your browser's location. If nothing happens, it is because your browser is asking you for permission to access your location. If you are using JAWS, press alt plus N, and then hit enter.

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Take Goodfoodtalks with you on the move with our iOS mobile application, making the experience even more accessible and even more convenient. With over 5000 restaurants to choose from throughout the UK, you can independently browse the menu at your favourite restaurant (or request that they sign up if they arent already!). 


Good Food Talks is making good food more accessible to everyone

Goodfoodtalks is a revolution in dining out for blind and visually impaired people throughout the UK. Regain your independence by browsing and listening to the menus at your favourite restaurants through a fully accessible website and mobile application.

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A New Opportunity for Restaurant Owners

Good Food Talks is already trusted across more than 5000 venues by some of the UK’s leading restaurant chains.

We can help you make your menu completely accessible for people with visual impairments and other reading difficulties for a low monthly fee. Click through to see more about the benefits for restaurant owners.


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Only 1% of blind people read Braille in the UK. That leaves almost 2 million who don't, so how do they manage in restaurants?
87% rely on a dining companion or waiter to read them the menu for them when dining out.
91% say browsing the menu themselves makes the dining more inclusive and enjoyable.

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