Benefits to Restaurant Owners

Ever wondered how visually impaired people read a menu?

The truth is, it’s a huge problem!

There are more than two million people with a visual impairment in the UK. Their conditions range from those who are totally blind through to people whose vision can’t be corrected by even the strongest of glasses.

As a business how do you accommodate what equates to one in every 30 people? To their credit, some restaurants offer Braille and special large print versions of their menus but did you know that fewer than 1% of people with visual impairment can read Braille?

And what happens if you change the menu more than a couple of times a year?

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  • Increased Customer Base

    Increased Customer Base

    Make your restaurant a fully inclusive dining experience for anybody with a visual impairment. There are more than 2 million people in the UK who either can't, or struggle to read menus. Having your menu on Good Food Talks provides you with a cost effective, hastle-free and instant solution.

  • No additional effort

    No additional effort

    With our managed menu service, making your menus accessible doesn't have to be time consuming. It's a Cost-effective way to add to your bottom line

  • Be socially responsible

    Be socially responsible

    Every business wants their company to be socially responsible, giving all customers an equal opportunity to enjoy their products and services.

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